A nightlife in Tallinn, where everything is permitted. Are you tired of basic places where you cannot relax at all? Yourestonia vesipiibubaarid wishes are not fulfilled in any way? Dear men! It is time to say NO to your loved one and boring vacation and go on a night adventure in Tallinn with our club. An adventure that is full of magic and memorable moments.

We are striptease and hookahs

Only at our place striptease and hookahs are on a truly professional level. Long years of preparing helped us to come up with the best and most various range of hookah flavours. Our smoking apparatuses are loved by amateurs as well as professionals. Aromatic rings will not leave anyone coldhearted and diverse assortment of hookah tobacco will introduce you the whole mixture of new feelings.

Our striptease and hookahs is not something you have seen before. Stunning experienced dancers are ready to entertain you every night. Complex performance techniques , sexy costumes, private dances – are words associated with our beauties. Your visual rapture has never been so strong.

We are first class service

tellida striptiisi estonia

In addition to the chance of ordering a hookah and striptease you also have the opportunity to organise a party of any scale with no middlemen and unreasonable cash investments. Save time for your dear ones. We will do everything for you! Our staff is always happy to see new clients and more importantly new orders so do not hesitate and give us any tasks!

vesipiipuWe are fun!

And finally our establishment is – dances, noisy companies, grand atmosphere and a whole sea of memories. We guarantee that once you visit us you will fall in love with our nightclub. You will no longer have an idea of ordering a hookah and striptease somewhere else. Quality is most important and we are working on it everyday.

We are the most unforgettable striptease. We are the most tasty and enchanting hookah. We are the most reasonable prices and amazing service. We are something you have been long looking for.

We are party for you and You are joy for us! We are waiting for you today!


Tartu mnt 29.



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